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Metal Roofing Systems: Standing Seam metal roofs and Rpanel metal roofs.

Metal roofs are known for their longevity, durability, and heat resistance. In low-slope commercial roofing applications - structural metal panels are the best solution. A low-slope metal roof system is excellent and cost efficient because of its water institution protection characteristics and ability to withstand high wind speeds. Structural metal panel roof systems can be installed over a large variety of substrates and can also be used for steep-slope roof assemblies.

When it comes to installing a durable metal roof in San Antonio, our skilled roofers do the job right. We always uphold our commitment to providing quality roofing materials and service delivery at a fair price. We at Superior Metal Roofing, have the roofing expertise and dependability that you are looking for in a San Antonio metal roofing contractor. High quality and affordable residential and commercial metal roofing installations in San Antonio, TX. Superior Metal Roofing, Inc metal roofs are built to last!

The standing seam metal roof is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in roofing technology in the last 25 years. It fulfills the building owner's need for beautiful, durable, puncture-resistant protection against the weather, while working in concert with the forces of nature. The panel fastening system is uniquely designed to handle the potentially damaging effects of thermal movement.

Precisely-formed metal panels are locked in place by clips inside a raised seam standing above the roof's flat surface, allowing water to run off without seeping between the panels. The clips have a moveable feature allowing the panel to expand and contract with temperature changes. The concealed clip means no through-the-panel fasteners, reducing any chance of leaks because there are no holes in the roof panels.

Our standing seam roof panels are roll-formed at the job site. Companion items such as drip edge, ridge cap, hip cap, gable trim, chimney flashing, wall flashing etc. are fabricated in our metal shop. On our trim metal, we use the same quality and color material as the roof panels. Everything is fabricated by our professional technicians using our computerized, efficient, modern equipment to suit the individual project.

Why Metal Roofing San Antonio


Benefits of Metal Roofing

Aesthetics: Commercial metal roofs can look good and are available in a broad variety of colors and designs.
Maintenance: Metal roofs are long lasting and resist decay, discoloration and mildew, for a maintenance-free commercial roofing solution.
Performance: Metal roofing offers ultra-performance in conditions of water, ice shedding and snow and is hail resistant.
Environment: Existing roofs can be re-roofed with metal without contributing tons of waste to our country's landfills.
Energy: Standing seam metal roofs can be easily insulated with a radiant barrier effect, using fiberglass and foam block to reduce energy costs and noise.

Commercial Metal Roofing services in San Antonio

Apartment complex - 24g. Standing seam metal roof commercial project. Galvalume metal panels. Domestic - Made in U.S.A. Formed 24 to 21in. smooth panels. Double lock seam.

210-550-7709 Apartment Complex commercial metal roofing san antonio

Storm damage roof insurance claims - Hail Damage and Wind Storm Damage Roofs

Roof Insurance Loss Claims

We fully understand that dealing with an insurance loss and contracting to have a new roof system installed can be a confusing undertaking in any situation. Superior Roofing Services will assist you through the entire process and then complete a professional installation of a superior roofing system.
We specialize in roof insurance documents, prooperty claim settlement documents, roof insurance damage reports, understand roof insurnace claim terminology and have worked with all major insurance companies.

Insurance Discounts for Metal Roofs: Save Energy and Money with Steel

As much as you pay in insurance premiums every year, you may get very excited when you learn there are potential discounts and tax credits you could be eligible for. Several of those discounts and credits become available when you select a metal roof for your home or business.
You know that a metal roof is highly durable, fire-resistant, energy efficient, and impact resistant. Insurance companies know that, too, and offer discounts depending on the material of the roof, its age, the coating, and other criteria.

New Roof Discount

Many insurers give a discount for a new standing seam metal roof. Why? A new metal roof is less likely to have a leak or suffer from other damage because, you know, it's new. This holds true for brand new homes and buildings since it stands to reason that a new building has a new roof. If your new roof is steel, so much the better because you may be eligible for discounts whether the roof is new or not.

Hail Resistance (Impact Resistance) Discount in San Antonio

Impact resistance discounts depend on the

  • Roofing material
  • Roof-covering classification, including the region the buiding is in. If the building is in an area prone to heavy hail damage, the discount is larger.

We also do asphalt, composition Shingle Roofs.
25 year warranty and 30 year warranty dimensional roofing.

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